Molecular Exploration of Zinc Finger BED-Type Containing 6 Gene for Growth Trait in Beetal Goat


  • Kanwal Rashid University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Maryam Javed University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan



Zinc finger, BED-type containing 6, Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), C2C12 cells


Zinc finger, BED-type containing 6 (ZBED6) is a newly discovered transcription factor. It functions as a repressor of IGF2 transcription in skeletal muscle myogenesis and development. It plays a role in organism development, signaling, cell-cell contact, hepatic fibrosis, clathrin-mediated endocytosis, and tight junction signaling cascades. Using C2C12 cells, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) sequencing revealed roughly 2,500 ZBED6 binding sites in the genome, with the inferred consensus motif matching the known binding site in Igf2. Igf2 expression, cell proliferation, wound healing, and myotube formation is all affected when Zbed6 is silenced in myoblast cells. Certain Gene Ontology categories, such as development and transcriptional control, were significantly enriched in genes related to ZBED6 binding sites. Objective: To explore the molecular expression of the ZBED6 gene  that affect the growth trait in Beetal goat Methods: The BED6 gene's functional and signaling experiments revealed that it controls growth characteristics in goats. A total of 50 blood samples were taken. DNA was extracted using an inorganic technique. Primer3 software was used to build primers for PCR amplification. On the ABI 3130XL Genet Analyzer, PCR results were sequenced bi-directionally. Results: The CHROMAS program was used to examine the sequencing findings. SNPs were discovered using sequence alignment tools such as blast 2. The bovine ZBED6 gene was found on chromosome 16, has only one exon, and encodes 980 amino acids. The genomic DNA of both cow breeds was effectively amplified in this investigation by utilizing primer pairs for the ZBED6 gene. These animals had three SNPs, including one non-coding mutation in the promoter (SNP1: 826G > A) and two missense mutations in the CDS (SNP2: 680C > G and SNP3: 1043A > G). The missense mutations p. Ala 227 Gly and p. His 3" are found in SNP2 and 3. Conclusions: Novel variations have been discovered that might be used in the selection of superior goats with higher weight increase tendencies.


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DOI: 10.54393/mjz.v2i1.32
Published: 2021-06-30

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